Working Group

The working group of the NMC project consists of primarily local participants, with guest speakers being invited from time to time. Throughout the academic year 2009/2010, the group of around 15 members met every two or three weeks at the Harriman Institute. Here is a brief overview of all our events:

September 14, 2009 - Introduction
Introduction of Participants; Open Discussion

October 15, 2009 - Project Members present Former Research Projects

Project members Professor Guobin Yang, Florian Toepfl and Eugene Gorny present results of their former research projects.

October 22, 2009 - Berkman Researchers present their Maps of the Blogosphere
John Kelly, Bruce Grant and Rob Faris of the Berkman Center at Harvard University present their yet unpublished maps of the Russian Blogosphere.

November 19, 2009 - Dean of Moscow Journalism Faculty discusses Impact of New Media
Elena Vartanova, Dean of the Moscow Journalism Faculty, speaks about the relationship between new media and journalism in contemporary Russia.

December 10, 2009 - The Soviet Nyetwork
Ben Peters, a Harriman Junior fellow and PhD candidate in Communications at Columbia, presents the results of his PhD project and asks: Why wasn't there a Soviet Internet?

January 21, 2010 - New Media, New Journalism?
Nadezdha Azhgikhina, Secretary of the Union of Russian Journalists, talks about the relationsship of Russian journalists and traditional media to new media

February 4, 2010 - Hyping the Typo
Ellen Rutten, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Future of Russian project at the University of Bergen, talks about linguistic imperfection in Russian writers' blogs.

February 25, 2010 - Voices from the Margins. Russian Bloggers from the Countryside
Dr. Henrike Schmidt from the Freie Universität, Berlin, analyzes how Russian bloggers living in the countryside are starting to “blog back” into the metropolises.

March 9, 2010 - Discussion with Award-winning Russian Journalist Yulia Latynina
Yuliya Latynina, award-winning Russian journalist, writer and radio host at the station Echo Moskvy, says: "The Internet is without any doubt the most important tool to organize Russian society at the moment."