Virtual Community

One of the principal aims of this year's core project at the Harriman Institute is to establish enduring personal networks of researchers with a strong interest in the Russian internet, exploring its impact on cultural, economical and political change.

There are two ways of co-operation:

1. Joining our mailing list administered through the google group NMCR. By this mailing list, we are discussing timeley research issues. If you join this group, you can post research questions, calls for papers, interesting events, and any other piece of information that seems appropriate to you. Vice versa, you will receive the posts of other group members.

2. Joining our efforts to set up a comprehensive, annotated Virtual Bibliography. We aim at doing so by using a web tool called zotero. If you would like to join our zotero group NMC and join us in expanding our biblography, please click here for further information.