Virtual Annotated Bibliography

One of the aims of the NMC project is to set up a virtual, comprehensive, annotated bibliography regarding the key issues of our research. The current version of our bibliography is publicly accessible via the following link:

Our online bibliography contains extensive and annotated listings of scientific literature, related to the following key concepts of internet research:

  • Blogosphere research
  • Collective identities
  • Internet research
  • Internet research methods
  • Online activism
  • Online behavior
  • Political discourse
  • Popularity and influence
  • Russian internet
  • Russian studies

Additionally, the virtual bibliography provides information on research centers and scholars that did ground-breaking research in these areas. Not least we link to scientific journals and other bibliographies.

We are administering this biblography by using an online tool called zotero that has to be downloaded and installed into your mozilla browser in less than one minute. To join our zotero group, please write a short note to the project co-ordinator Florian Toepfl. He will send you an invitation to our group immediately.