Eugene Gorny is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University, one of the coordinators of a Harriman 2009-2010 core project investigating New Modes of Communication in the Post-Soviet World. The topic of his research is “Collective Identities in the Russian blogosphere”.

Eugene received his Ph.D. in media and communications from Goldsmith College, University of London in 2006. His Ph.D. thesis, A Creative History of the Russian Internet: Studies in Internet Creativity, was published in 2009 by VDM Verlag. In the same year, his Popular Symbology was published (in Russian) which includes his works in semiotics, literary studies, the history of art, and cultural criticism.

He graduated from the University of Tartu, Estonia in 1991, with the equivalent of an M.A. in Russian philology and library science. From 1996-1998 he was Editor-in-chief of From 1998-2000 he worked for Russkij Zhurnal, where he edited the Net Culture section. He is director of the Russian Virtual Library (, and coordinator of Setrevaja Slovesnost ( He also works as an expert in semiotics of culture for Greg Rowland Semiotics and Space Doctors.